Horizon scanning mode: what shocks might affect sectors that need protecting

Set assumptions on how shocks transfer

What scale of economic flows can transfer a shock?

What makes an industry critical to a country?

Current assumptions:

Shock Transfer assumptions
Not setof producer inputs
Not setof product imports
Critical Industry assumptions
Not setof national output
Not setof national exports
Not setof skilled labour
Not setof unskilled labour
Not setthresholds must be met by a critical industry

Select producers of interest - the things you want to protect.

The model will find all of the other producers that may cause a shock to be transmitted to your choices.

Which producers do you want to protect?

Currently selected producers

    Influenceable shocks for producers to protect

    For each producer to protect that is at risk of shocks, the below shows the shock transfers that occur within the same country - ordered by lowest market value (assumed to be easier to replace / substitute).

    Producer to protect Shock arrives via producer Using Of Input # of shock paths

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