Group analysis mode: which countries are most likely to spread shocks to critical industries of each other

Set assumptions on how shocks transfer

What scale of economic flows can transfer a shock?

What makes an industry critical to a country?

Current assumptions:

Shock Transfer assumptions
Not setof producer inputs
Not setof product imports
Critical Industry assumptions
Not setof national output
Not setof national exports
Not setof skilled labour
Not setof unskilled labour
Not setthresholds must be met by a critical industry

Choose the type of analysis

The analysis will partition the countries in the map into groups that transmit shocks strongly between each other. By this we mean, within each group, every country in the group can both transmit a shock to AND receive a shock from, every other country in the group. NOTE that shocks can transmit / be received indirectly, if a shock originating in country A can be transmitted to country B who transmits to country C, then country A is capable of transmitting a shock to both B and C (and both B and C can receive shocks from A), under this definition.

Countries belonging to a group will be shown with the same colour. Countries that do not belong to any group (they don't have other countries that they both transmit and receive shocks from - under the current transmission assumptions) will be left as the default colour and marked with a marker.

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